5 Pillars of Security Framework


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VigiTrust treat security as an ongoing process, it needs constant attention to achieve success.
New Vulnerabilities are constantly arising; your organization needs to be in a position to deal with such vulnerabilities, including such threats as viruses and phishing attacks. While such issues need to be addressed, there are less obvious vulnerabilities that organizations need to defend against. Some such examples include:

• M&A: when organizations merge it is vital that secure system control occurs when their systems are integrated
• Outsourcing: In cases where an organization outsources work, it is necessary that all measures are taken to ensure that data and networks are
• Internal threats: Measures should be put in place to guard against attacks from disgruntled staff members.
• User awareness: Security begins with staff and it is with this basic premise that makes it vital that all staff are aware of and understand the importance of treating data with necessary care.
• Asset control: It is imperative that organizations exercise strict control on how their infrastructure is used, especially mobile hardware such as PDAs and Laptops.

VigiTrust believe that organizations need to continuously check and improve their security. In the same way that an organization would not update its accounts at the start of the year and assume profitability for the remainder of that year, an organizations security should be treated with the same ongoing vigilance.

VigiTrust specializes is enabling organizations to take control of their security on an ongoing basis. VigiTrust can help organizations not only with technical solutions, but more importantly with putting a proper framework in place to address their security on an ongoing basis. VigiTrust empower companies not only to address the obvious vulnerabilities but to address those vulnerabilities which have yet to emerge


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